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Handheld Units

Batch-Mode or Radio Frequency. It's your choice.

backOffice is integrated with handheld units (also known as "portable data collectors") in order to facilitate fast inventory counts, to validate or change prices of products, and create or receive orders from the sales floor. We have selected, from hundreds of options, a few great handheld units and integrated our software to work seamlessly with them. We currently offer two types of handheld, batch-mode and radio frequency depending on your budget and needs.

The Unitech HT630

Batch-Mode Handheld Unit

The Worth Data 7000

Radio-Frequency Handheld Unit

With our batch-mode unit, a validation file is sent to the handheld so that as products are scanned, they are checked against the database from backOffice so that you will know when an item is new or not in the system for some reason. The data collected with the unit, either prices or quantity counts, and are then transferred to the software when the unit is connected with the computer.

The advantage of the Unitech HT630 is its low cost and simple design and operation. The unit itself is very high quality, with a great screen and large keys.

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The Worth Data system is comprised of the handheld unit itself, a radio base station, and our RF handheld server software. The base station is connected to the PC via a serial port, and it facilitates communication between the handheld unit and the RF software. As products are scanned, the handheld via the base communicates real-time with the database. So as price changes are done on the handheld, they are immediately changed in the backOffice database.

The advantage of the Radio Frequency solution, as compared to our batch-mode solution, is that it allows items to be added on the handheld, and changes to the database happen real time.

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iKey Integration

Tightly integrated with backOffice

backOffice software is integrated with a software product called iKey, which is developed by one of our partners, CCS Retail Systems of Colchester, Vermont. iKey is software that runs on many Windows Embedded handheld terminals, and we have integrated our software with iKey so that these handhelds can be used with backOffice. If you already have a handheld unit, it may work with iKey and backOffice.

backOffice™ HelpDesk

Our direct connection to your computer

We use HelpDesk (our customized version of TeamViewer) to log into your computer and do stuff. Once logged in we are able to run your computer just as if we were sitting there. We are able to install the software, transfer files and through this means provide you with training. For your security, we are only able to connect to your computer when the HelpDesk has been started.

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