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Pricebook Features

Editing Products Has Never Been So Easy

The Pricebook is a collection of features designed to help you manage your scan file. Adding products, changing prices and running promotions are all made easier though the use this highly engineered module. Featuring our "best in the industry" Product List and Edit Products Window, no one does it better. With our low prices, you receive incredible value simply not found elsewhere.

Edit Products

Maintain your scan file
accurately and quickly

Constantly changing barcodes, tons of new products, stuff ringing up at the wrong price? Sound like a day in the life of you? We've carefully crafted, with feedback from people like you, an amazing tool you can use to ease the burden.

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Group Change

Change prices on groups
of items instantly

Are you sick of spending hours changing prices? When you see the Lay's chip guy come in, do you want to run out the back door before he sees you? We get it! Make it easier on yourself by using our Group Change.

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Put Products On and Off
Sale Automatically

You put it on sale, you take it off sale, it's a constant battle. Would you like the computer to change those prices for you? Strategically pricing your products is important, and this will help.

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EDI Manager

Electronic Data Interchange

Tired of spending tons of time with paper invoices and constantly updating your Pricebook? Almost every vendor can supply you with an electronic invoice of your order, and our EDI Manager allows you to import these invoices directly into backOffice.

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Handheld Unit Interface

Pricebook Maintenance and Inventory Counts

Change prices, count inventory, print labels (with Worth Data unit)... Our handhelds do it all - and they look like something you'd see on Star Trek - so you'll look cool doing it too!

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POS Utility

POS Communications and more

Use this utility to transfer Pricebook data to your point-of-sale and import sales from your point-of-sale. It is also used to manage files for batch-mode handheld units.

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backOffice™ HelpDesk

Our direct connection to your computer

We use HelpDesk (our customized version of TeamViewer) to log into your computer and do stuff. Once logged in we are able to run your computer just as if we were sitting there. We are able to install the software, transfer files and through this means provide you with training. For your security, we are only able to connect to your computer when the HelpDesk has been started.

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