Gilbarco Passport Communication Setup

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Gilbarco Passport Communication Setup

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1. Establish network connection between PC and Passport.


Passport Setup (to be performed by Passport Technician)


Firewall Router:

Cable from backoffice pc needs to be plugged into the DMZ port.

DMZ port needs to be enabled


In Firewall rules on Passport: (to be handled by Passport technician)

3rd party Lan needs to be checked and BOSShare needs to be checked.



For V8.02 or newer Passport software:  The ip address for the network card attached to the Passport router should be  The router should set the pc to this address if DHCP is turned on(on the router) and the network card is set to obtain ip address automatically. Otherwise set the tcp ip settings manually as follows;


ip :

subnet mask :

default gateway:



2. Map a network drive to the following folders


Make sure a cashier/manager is logged in on the Passport before trying to map the drive (Click on Sign On)


ŸClick on tools then Map Network Drive







Leave Drive = "Z:"


In the Folder field,


  Pre-Version 8.02 Passport Software  -- type \\Posserver01\XMLGateway


  8.02 or newer Passport Software -- type \\\XMLGateway



ŸPut a check in Reconnect at logon


ŸClick on Finish


ŸA user name and password dialog will open:


The Account Name by default is "Posserver01\BackOffice"

The Password by default is "BackOffice"


ŸType in name and password


Ÿ Put a check in "Save Password"


ŸClick OK.  You should now be able to see folders in the XMLGateway folder




Note:  For Pre V8.02 the linksys router is set to dhcp enabled, so when you plug the pc in, it should provide pc with an ip with


ip = 10.5.48.?

subnet mask =

default gateway =


  For V8.02 the settings should be

ip =

subnet mask =

  default gateway =


For windows 8 - 8.1 installs....


If IC5 errors on start up as shown below the mapped drive is not working properly.




Follow these steps...


1:  Log into back Office pc as a local (non admin) user

(if no local user, create one and complete step 1)


2: Create Mapped drive logged in as local user


3: Reboot PC, and log back in as admin user


4: Create Mapped Drive logged in as admin user




3  In passport, log in to Manager Workstation (login as user name= 91, password=91 as default)



4. Set Back Office Interface Settings


ŸChoose Setup, then Store, then Back Office Setup, then Back Office Interface


ŸUnder Document Generation:


ŸSet Interface Format = NACS XML v3.3


ŸPut "X" in Store Close Column for


ŸFuel Grade Movement

ŸFuel Product Movement

ŸItem Sales Movement by Till

ŸMerchandise Code Movement

ŸMiscellaneous Summary Movement

ŸTax Level Movement

ŸTank Product Movement (optional, and used if the site has a Veeder Root device attached to the Passport)


ŸUn-Check in Drop UPC Check Digit


ŸClick Save


Note: Do not check "Enforce xml schema definition (xsd)"


Note 2: There is an option under the Document Generation tab entitled " Calculate Net Sales for Merchandise Code Movement and Items Sales Movement (Sales – Refunds – Discounts)"

that may be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking that box. If this option is enabled,  XML files will report as Net sales versus Gross sales. Default is not selected.

Be sure that this check box is UNCHECKED



Getting PLU Listing from Passport


Creates site backup default.sql


1. Login as administrator

2. Access System Maintenance on Server

3. Select the DOS PROMPT button on the system maintnenance toolbar

4. At the command prompt type cd\passport\tools then press enter

5. At the command prompt type extractdata d: and press enter (should display Extracting site data to d:\default.sql...)

6. The file needs to be copied to c:\passport\xmlgateway\boinbox so that it can be seen by the back-office PC.

To do so type cd.. (CD dot dot) then hit enter

Type cd xmlgateway(CD space then xmlgateway) then hit enter

Type cd boinbox (CD space then boinbox) then hit enter (the prompt should now say c:\passport\xmlgateway\boinbox

Type copy d:\default.sql then hit enter



With the newer software versions you may need to open a command prompt type..


"runas /u:passporttech cmd"  -- You then will be prompted for the passporttech password (911Tech)...


That should open another command prompt with administrative rights... then follow the instructions(step 4 and step 5)...




Passport Site Architecture






Gilbarco Contact Info

Help desk ; 800-800-7498

Tech help desk : 800-743-7501