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Large retailers like Walmart use powerful merchandising software to compete and profit in today's aggressive retail market. Insight Retail Software provides the same type of features to small retailers at a price they can afford, so they too can benefit from the use of software technology. backOffice provides the tools you need to Do Better.

We listen to what our customers need and constantly modify and enhance our software to meet those needs. This type of customer-inspired development cannot be duplicated in a boardroom or by the best programmers in the world. We've been in the trenches with retailers for 26 years, and this helps us to deliver feature-rich software that will positively impact your business.

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Petroleum/Convenience Stores.
Works With Gas Pump Controllers

  • Works with Verifone Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire
  • Works with Gilbarco Passport and G-Site

Specialty Retailers.
Works with Point-of-Sale Terminals

  • Works with NCC Relection PC-Based Point-of-Sale


The industry's best pricebook tools
  • Maintain prices faster and with greater accuracy
  • Take your cashiers out of the pricing equation
  • Maintain the margin you need to be profitable
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Know what's selling and track margins
  • Save time in your bookkeeping process
  • Immediately see what your customers are buying and what it means to you
  • Print labels for shelves and products
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Inventory with EDI

Track what's on hand and what's needed
  • Order what your customers want
  • Cut inventory costs
  • See what's getting stolen
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Handheld Unit Integration

Do pricebook maintenance and inventory counts fast
  • The only way to really count your inventory in a timely manner
  • Create/receive orders from your vendors
  • Change prices while walking around your store
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Database Utility

Sometimes maintenance is necessary
  • Delete sales, price and cost change and purchase histories
  • Remove deleted and inactive items
  • Zero-out your inventory to start over easily
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Do things automatically
  • Receive and update sales
  • Backup your database
  • Zero-out your inventory to start over easily
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Create invoices for wholesale and on-Account sales
  • Create invoices using same backOfficeā„¢ database
  • Create picking tickets and delivery reports
  • Track and receive payments
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backOffice import tool (BIT)

Import data from external sources
  • Import files from your vendors into the database
  • Change prices, costs or add new items
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backOffice™ HelpDesk

Our direct connection to your computer

We use HelpDesk (our customized version of TeamViewer) to log into your computer and do stuff. Once logged in we are able to run your computer just as if we were sitting there. We are able to install the software, transfer files and through this means provide you with training. For your security, we are only able to connect to your computer when the HelpDesk has been started.

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