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About Us

A thriving technology company in the foothills of
the Adirondack mountains of Upstate New York

Maker of backOffice, Insight Retail Software has offices in Hadley, NY, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains (three hours north of New York City) and Trenton, SC (2 hours East of Atlanta) with Team Members located in Idaho, California, Georgia and Florida.

We have been developing software, integrating, installing and supporting POS systems for retailers for 26 years.

We live and breathe this stuff.

We are a small but growing group of talented people from coast to coast who are passionate about helping retailers do better in their businesses. #doBetter

We are a software development company as well as systems integrators. This combination allows us to not only design a system to best fit your needs, but also to implement it to best serve you. The result is a high-quality, high-value system that will help you be more profitable and Do Better.

Compare backOffice to the competition

Comparative Analysis for Convenience Store Software

Insight Retail Software Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Business Model Pay for it once, you own it Pay forever, miss a payment - get shut down Non-transferable, re-licensing fees
Software Type Desktop application Web-based, no internet no software Desktop Application
Price (per web site) US$ 1800 or US$ 2600 US$ 2868 per year forever US$ 5490
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Who knows? It's not at your location Microsoft Access - we left this technology behind in 2002
Technology Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 and 64bit), Windows 10 Web browser XP only? Probably without major workarounds
Group Change Prices Very flexible No Bad
Reporting Extensive, user defined, incredibly flexible Hard to say Inflexible, limited
Sales-based Ordering Yes No No
Handheld Support Fantastic Worth LT7111 RF, really nice and inexpensive Search on site reveals no results One choice, and its not a good one.
Support We try really hard and we care Lacking Not good from what we hear

Why us

we want you to Do Better

  • Our software is built almost entirely using customer feedback, so it surely will meet your needs
  • We strive to offer the latest technology (yes, we work with Windows 10 today, to tell you 6 months until release [our competititors' answer] is unforgivable)
  • We are a small, family owned business, so we care. This is our business, this is our life's work
  • Our complete POS systems are highly integrated using the best possible hardware, and our software. Obviously we know our software, so you never hear us say "I have to call the software company to find out..." or "that's a software problem, call them!"
  • Most importantly, we have customers that call with excitement saying "We've bought another store - we need more backOffice !!"

backOffice™ HelpDesk

Our direct connection to your computer

We use HelpDesk (our customized version of TeamViewer) to log into your computer and do stuff. Once logged in we are able to run your computer just as if we were sitting there. We are able to install the software, transfer files and through this means provide you with training. For your security, we are only able to connect to your computer when the HelpDesk has been started.

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