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The Worth Data 7000 Series

A Fantastic Unit

The 7000 Series RF Terminal System is our top of the line wireless RF terminal with a industry leading 3 mile RF range! Our tests show no damage after multiple 5 foot drops to concrete. The Worth Data 7000 Series RF Terminals are the lowest cost, easy-to-use, radio frequency interactive terminals available on the market today.

Standard Features
Extended Range Radio - 3.3 Miles, works in coolers
Built in Li-Ion Battery(s)
15 Line Color TFT LCD Display
Very Small & Lightweight
Sealed Keypad design to prevent contamination from entering unit
Special Coated Keys for long life
70 Durometer Silicone Rubber Shock Bumper
Built-In I/O Connector Cover
Long Life Single Power & Data I/O Connector
Battery Door and/or Handle are Mechanically Screwed Down
Rugged Replaceable Antenna

About Worth Data

Worth Data started in the bar code business in 1985, and since that time have served over 90,000 customers worldwide and are a family owned corporation based in Santa Cruz California.

Since they design and manufacture the majority of their offering, Worth Data can control the quality of the finished products creating long lasting, rugged, and dependable bar code readers and software. All of the engineering, software development, product design, testing, and assembly, is done in California; all so that they control every aspect of the quality and features to provide you with a finished product that is simply the best available. Most of the products are either Made in the USA or Assembled in the USA of US and imported parts.

backOffice rf Server

Tightly integrated with backOffice

The RF Server is used to run the 7000 Series RF Terminal. The software communicates with the base station of the handheld unit and the base in turn communicates with the handheld. This facilitates real-time data availability on the handheld and immediate changes to the database in the computer as work is performed on the handheld. Labels may be printed directly from the handheld unit to a label printer attached to the back office computer.

How it works

Example screens

The Item Maintenance Functions of the Insight Handheld Utility allow you to Change Price, Change Cost,Check Promotion Price and Capture Inventory Quantities.

1. To begin:

After logging in you will see..

2.Product Display

After scanning the product you see..

3. To Change Price

To change the Price press 1:

4. To Change Cost

To change the Cost press 2:

5. To Change Inventory Quantity

To change IV Qty press 5:

6. To Print Labels

Enter the quantity of labels desired:

backOffice™ HelpDesk

Our direct connection to your computer

We use HelpDesk (our customized version of TeamViewer) to log into your computer and do stuff. Once logged in we are able to run your computer just as if we were sitting there. We are able to install the software, transfer files and through this means provide you with training. For your security, we are only able to connect to your computer when the HelpDesk has been started.

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