rPosIO Tobacco Pricer + AGDC (Altria) API

Tobacco pricing doesn’t have to be complicated anymore.

Introducing rPosIO’s Tobacco Pricer

Pricer is the newest addition to our cloud-based retail platform, rPosIO Cloud, that makes tobacco pricing quick, convenient, and compliant. 

Empower Pricer by upgrading to one of our rPosIO Cloud products. It allows you to set & send tobacco price changes instantly to compatible POS Systems.

Use Pricer to Receive $250 from Altria

Available until December 17th, 2021

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How to Gain Access to Pricer

Retailers are required to sign Altria’s API Access Consent Form indicating interest and consent to generate credentials for interacting with the API that are then shared with Insight Retail Software.

1. Sign Altria’s consent form.

  • Call 866-928-3510 (Option 4)
  • Let Altria customer service know you’d like to sign the consent form authorizing Insight Retail Software to access the API on your behalf.

2. Fill out & submit the form below.

Submit your information below and we’ll immediately be in touch to help get Pricer running for you.

3. Receive $250 Incentive from Altria / AGDC

  • Signing the consent form authorizing us to call the API on your behalf = $125
  • Calling the API via rPosIO Pricer = $125.


New Customer Form

Sign Altria’s consent form and also receive $250 per store after using Pricer.

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Pricer free trial begins August 1st, 2021

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