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rPosIO Cloud Retail Platform

What is rPosIO Cloud?

It’s our new flagship software product that allows retailers to connect their back-office, point of sale, and other helpful apps to an online interface that can be accessed from anywhere.

We presently have three different subscriptions offering you a wide range of tools.

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How much does rPosIO Cloud cost?

  • rPosIO Cloud – $29 per month/store
  • rPosIO Cloud Pro – $59 per month/store
  • rPosIO POS – $69 per month/store for first lane + $10 per month/additional lane
  • rPosIO Scan Data – $25 per month for Altria + $10 per month for RJ Reynolds

Which POS systems are compatible with rPOSio Cloud?

Veifone Commander, Gilbarco Passport, and our new rPosIO Point of Sale System.

Do I need to buy new hardware?

Since every retail store’s setup varies greatly, our seasoned sales team will work with you to determine what the best setup for your store looks like.

Do you come onsite for installation & training?

No, everything can be done by our support staff online through screen sharing & remote desktop connection.

rPosIO Tobacco Pricer

What is Pricer?

Pricer is an app that Insight has designed to take advantage of Altria’s API and give YOU the power to look up your current and past scan data deals. You can see buydown amounts, multipack deals, loyalty programs, which items are included, when they begin and end, etc. You can even enter your prices into the app to see your margins before and after discounts are applied.

How much does Pricer cost?

Currently we’re offering a free trial that you can sign up for here. However, if you are one of our scan data customers, it is free! Learn more about our scan data services here.

Can I change my prices on my POS with Pricer?

Yes! If you have a compatible POS system you can add rPosIO Cloud to empower Pricer. Learn more about our different cloud subscriptions here.

Will my prices and deals be automatically updated?

No, Pricer is a tool to allow you to see your current pricing and deals with Altria and stay in compliance.

If I have an older version of Insight Retail’s BackOffice can I use Pricer to change my prices?

Pricer and rPOSio Cloud do not interface with BackOffice version 3.5 or earlier

Which POS systems are compatible with setting & sending prices via Pricer?

If you are subscribed to one of our rPosIO Cloud products that feature is support on:

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