Scan Data Services

Stay competitive.

Gain access to multi-pack discounts, loyalty funds, & Altria’s new Price & Promotion API.

Stop leaving incentive money on the table.

Starting at $25 per store/month for Altria or RJ Reynolds. $35 per store/month for both.

  • Enables you to offer Multi-Pack Discounts.
  • Add on an optional Loyalty Program that allows you to offer additional discounts to your customers.
  • Gain free access to our brand new Pricer tool that puts you in the tobacco pricing driver’s seat via Altria’s P&P API.

Tobacco pricing doesn’t have to be complicated anymore.

Seamlessly connect your Pricebook & Scan Data Services to Altria’s Price & Promotion API through our new cloud-based Pricer utility.

Cloud backOffice™ has arrived.

It represents the pinnacle of our dedicated efforts over the last 30 years to help you do better. The fastest & feature rich retail software yet that also comes with Pricer for free.

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