The all new Model 1 Point of Sale System

Hardware. Software. Support.

Our fastest & most reliable end-to-end point of sale system yet. Powered exclusively by rPosIO Cloud Retail Platform.

30 years of software development helping retailers do better.

Systems starting from $3499


Ask Our Sales Team How to Qualify for Free Hardware.

We do it all.

Hardware. Software. Support.

We’ve brought every aspect of the point of sale system in-house. Our custom-spec’d  hardware comes with rPosIO Cloud Retail Platform pre-installed and is serviced by our epic support team.

Hardware Features

It begins with an ultra slim 15″ touch display.

The Model 1 features an Intel I3 Core Processor that makes every rPosIO Cloud button press lightening fast. It’s over-engineered to help you get every bit of bang out of your buck.

Software Features

Instantly access your store from anywhere.

The rPosIO Cloud Retail Platform has it all. Its fast, efficient, intuitive, and it connects your entire store together seamlessly. Instantly access the most critical reports & decision making data you need.

Instant Age Verification

Access Tier 2 Digital Trade Program Incentives.

InsightRS is one of AGDC’s EAIV Providers, which means we make it easy for our customers to pivot into verifying their Loyalty customers’ ages. Navigate the complexity with ease and unlock all of Altria’s financial incentives.

Contactless Payments

Tap & Go

Secure, sleek and smart for an enhanced checkout experience. Future proof your payment security with the latest encryption & anti-theft systems that’s backed by 40 years of development experience. 

Integrated Payments

Eliminate 100% of your CC Fees


Scan Data Services

Stop leaving incentive money on the table.