3 Years of Successful Scan Data Service
Celebrating our partnership with RJ Reynolds & Altria, and 28 years of POS Software Development.

Insight Retail Software began Scan Data Services in early 2016 and the results have been tremendous. 

We are proud to have served our customers for over 3 YEARS submitting scan data for Altria and RJ Reynolds. Insight Retail Software has more experience in the Tobacco Scan Data space than any other company in the industry.

BREAKING NEWS – InsightRS is Approved for ITG Reporting and is successfully transmitting data.

Don’t waste your valuable time with failed transmissions, rejected files and non-approvals. Call the EXPERTS in the field for an easy scan data submission. We ARE THE BEST for a reason.


Your data is private and personal and that’s how we treat it. We will NEVER use your private data for profit. We submit your data and protect your data on our secure Microsoft Azure Servers.


Insight Retail Software can provide everything you need to successfully run your business:

  • Powerful backOffice™ Software for a Single Store or Multi-store chain.
  • Hosted Service allows you to log into to your account from anywhere.
  • LOYALTY!!!!
  • Altria Reporting
  • RJ Reynolds Reporting
  • ITG Reporting
  • Team of Scan Data Experts on Staff.
  • Complete POS System Solution with Technology Experts on staff.
  • 28 years of Point-of-Sale Hardware and Software experience.
  • Integrated Credit Card Solutions

INSIGHT is your trusted Technology Advisor

Quote from a 135 store chain :

“I would like to thank you both for your work on our account. I’ve been told by many different folks that getting verified with RJR is a very tall task, but you knocked it out in record time!”

For more information on our Scan Data and Point-of-Sale full product offering, give us a call at 518.633.4111 – Option #1


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