September 15, 2023

Saying Goodbye to the Daily Bookkeeping Report

     Back in September we announced our new suite of reports and advised that we would be phasing out the Daily Bookkeeping Report, New Daily Bookkeeping Report, and Analytics Report. The time to sunset those reports has come! As of January 1st those reports will no longer be available in the cloud. Most users do not use these reports, so you may not see any change. 

     All of the previous information is still available, and much, much more. To quickly recap…

     In the Daily Sales section you will first see the Ledger, where you can get all of your most important numbers for an entire location. You can even view these by Calendar Day, Business Day, or Credit Card Day time periods. (Contact support via email to set up those day times if necessary)


     Below the Ledger on the left side you can choose to view the POS Report. This report looks similar to the Session Report that prints on the POS when the operator is done with their shift. It can be viewed combined for the whole store, by operator, or by workstation. These reports can also be viewed with the different day views if you so choose.

After that we have the new Statistics page.

     This is a dashboard-type view of some of your store stats. In addition to your basic sales info, you can see your average basket $ and items per basket. You can also easily spot if there were a large amount of voids, no sales, safe drops, and more!

Next up is the Department Report.

This gives you the top nine departments by sales.

Hourly Sales is next.

     This report shows your sales by hour and operator. You can see when you are busiest, and which employees are doing the most transactions when. You can even easily export this to a jpg image.

Lastly is the Promotions Report.

This page gives you a clear view into how your promotions are performing. 

     All of the other reports such as the Item Sales Report, the new Item Inventory Report, POS Department Report, etc. will all still be there. We are hard at work on even more updates to these reports and more!

We hope you like the updates! As always, if there are any questions please email:

[email protected]


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